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World class psilocybin services in the heart of Portland

Mushrooms can transform stuck patterns and move you more deeply into connection, authenticity, and wonder.

While your process of self-discovery and healing may be personal, you don’t have to do it alone. At IMMERSIVE, a community of care is waiting for you.

Reimagining psychedelic experiences for the next 100 years

What would a world look like with no PTSD? Where depression, addiction and anxiety can be healed? Where we can navigate grief collectively? And what would community support look like in such a world?

These are some of the questions we are asking, and there’s much we are discovering.

Whether you are seeking transformational personal insight, need help with a mental health issue or trauma, or are connecting to your spirituality—there’s a place for you at Immersive.

1:1 Journey

a psilocybin journey with a dedicated facilitator

Our Services

Every detail of our space has been considered to support you on your journey. Have questions? Contact us


a small or large group, with facilitators available for support


spend a weekend really diving into the work with a group

Interested in microdosing?

We offer a variety of community events focused on this combining art, music, or other offerings with mushrooms. 

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"I did my first guided psilocybin journey at Immersive at the start of the year, with a set intention to release some past troubles and to begin the new year with a fresh mindset. It was such a good decision, and I highly recommend experiencing your own journey..." -Lexi T.


Meet A Few of Our Facilitators

Book a discovery call today so we can match you with the facilitator that best fits your needs